What Makes a Power Couple? Exploring Qualities and Characteristics

We love the term "power couple." I'm hoping you can feel my sarcasm through these words. Ha! Look the term power couple is one that we commonly throw around to describe two people who seem accomplished, influential, and successful. Both within their relationship as well as outside of it.

But in reality, many power couples are far from a good example of a healthy relationship. It's just that we can't quite see far enough under the well-disguised surface to recognize it.

In this article, we're going to explore eight characteristics and traits that we feel make a couple truly a power couple.

Oh, and we're going to use the term "power couple" quite a bit. So that I don't vomit in the process of writing this article, let's go ahead and create our own definition just to kick things off.

Power Couple - A healthy relationship between two people who have genuine respect and love for one another. Their relationship is made powerful through an alignment in Core Values that creates a synergistic effect. Made simple, the sum of their relationship creates more than its parts could do separately.

ONE. Power Couples are Aligned in their Core Values

In our eyes, the first marker of a true power couple comes in having an aligned set of Core Values.

Power couples have a shared vision for their relationship and their individual lives. They communicate openly about their dreams, aspirations, and goals, and actively support each other in achieving them. Their shared vision creates a sense of purpose and direction, driving them forward as a unified force.

Aligning Core Values can be challenging, which is why we spend so much time on this subject within our Crystal Clarity coaching program. But once aligned, having a shared set of beliefs and values makes a couple truly powerful in their vision.

TWO. Power Couples Have HIGH Regard

We define "Regard" as the respect, admiration, and trust that pulls or attracts us to a particular relationship. Having high Regard is KEY to maintaining Desire or our want for a relationship for one simple reason...

You'll struggle to maintain the "want" or Desire for a relationship with a person that you don't respect, admire, or trust. 

Power couples have HIGH Regard for one another. They're also extremely diligent to protect and strengthen that Regard over time. 

This is why they employ healthy boundaries from any person or relationship that could threaten the relationship they have with their significant other. They know that once Regard has been lost (or even replaced with contempt), sometimes it can be impossible to repair.

THREE. Open Communication > Effective Communication

Power couples value open communication over effective communication. Because they are aligned in their Core Values, they can understand each other on a deeper level. They can relate to one another even when things aren't communicated in the most ideal manner.

Rather than worrying about HOW they might communicate, they place far more emphasis on making sure they main a space to OPENLY communicate. 

They want one another to be completely open and transparent rather than worry about how they say something. They're confident in their ability to relate to one another and read between the lines. They're also confident in their ability to communicate and resolve issues should they arise.

FOUR. Power Couples Have High EQ

Within the relationship, power couples possess a high degree of emotional intelligence. They have a deep understanding of their own emotions and can empathize with their partner's feelings.

This enables them to navigate challenges with compassion, provide emotional support, and foster a safe and nurturing environment for growth. This level of emotional intelligence is often less to do with deliberate training or coaching, bur rather to do with their aligned Core Values.

FIVE. They Value Individual Growth and Independence

Power couples cherish the time that they spend together. But they also recognize the importance of individual growth and independence within the relationship. They encourage each other to pursue personal passions, interests, and self-development. By supporting individual growth, they bring new experiences and perspectives into their partnership, enhancing the overall dynamic.

SIX. Power Couples Collaborate

Power couples understand the power of collaboration and teamwork. They view their relationship as a partnership where both individuals actively contribute their strengths, skills, and resources. Together, they tackle challenges, make joint decisions, and celebrate shared achievements.

Again, it's their aligned Core Values that strengthen their ability to collaborate. In our opinion, this is best seen in moments of conflict.

Within moments of conflict, a healthy couple with a strong connection will ALWAYS prioritize the relationship over their individual ego. Resolving conflict is not about discovering WHO was wrong, but rather HOW they're going to move forward together.

SEVEN. They Have a Growth Mindset

Power couples have a growth mindset, constantly seeking opportunities to learn and grow both individually and as a couple. They invest in self-improvement, attend workshops or therapy, and engage in activities that foster personal and relational growth.

This commitment to growth ensures that their relationship remains dynamic and resilient. It also provides each other with opportunities to learn and grow together within one another's experiences.

EIGHT. Power Couples Coregulate

Not to be confused with "codependence," coregulation refers to the mutual process by which individuals in a relationship regulate their emotions and achieve a state of emotional balance together. In the context of a power couple, coregulation plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and harmonious relationship dynamic.

It's through coregulation that the couple can help each other...

  • Be more emotionally aware
  • Practice active listening
  • Be vulnerable and supportive
  • Offer stress relief and calm one another
  • Seek better approaches to conflict resolution

In short, both people know their areas of individual accountability. But because they place ego behind their relationship and shared Core Values, they can each offer support in areas where the other is weak.


I feel like I could go on, but we'll stop here for now.

Meantime, I'll simply say this.

Just because other people or the media say they're a "power couple" doesn't mean that they are.

Instead of looking outward to identify true power couples, work on creating this type of relationship for yourself.


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