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Since you probably already know Pye from our online content., let me introduce myself. My name is Dr. Glen. I’m a professor and doctor of psychology with over 20 years of experience in clinical therapy.

Our approach to coaching is called Core Value Focused Therapy or CVFT. It’s not only proven clinically, our clients report a 99% satisfaction rate.

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– All coaching packages include 12x one-hour sessions. We suggest clients stick to a once-a-week schedule using their package over a 3 month period. 

Why don’t you offer one session at a time? Our programs are not only PROVEN to work, we have a 99% success and satisfaction rate. This is not only because of our unique approach, it’s because we ask clients to commit to the complete experience and program that actually creates results. 

– Can I come in person? Yes. Our offices are located in the Orange County, California area in Tustin. For non-locals, we conduct sessions via Zoom.

 – What’s the cost? Coaching packages start at $3,000 for 12x one-hour sessions ($250/session). Coaching packages are paid in 3 equal monthly installments over the course of your experience. 

Do you accept insurance? Unfortunately, no. For a number of reasons, we offer a coaching product (not therapy). We do not accept insurance. 

DISCLAIMER: Our services are not meant for individuals/couples dealing with severe abuse and domestic violence. If you’re in such a situation, please reach out to the NDVH and local professionals.

doctor joe (m.d.)

"as a physician myself, I call dr. glen a relationship surgeon!"

“I love the structure and the direct intention of the relationship program. As a physician myself, I call Dr. Glen a “relationship surgeon” because he dissects, opens, and operates on the core problems of relationships. In a matter of weeks, Dr. Glen has cut directly to issues that years of therapy couldn’t tease out. Easily worth the investment!”


“We had so much pain and trauma to work through, and Dr. Glen not only kept it real with us, he was in the fight with us… and through this journey, we have done real healing and work that has already surpassed the wasted therapy sessions we had done in the past. This is so life-changing that we are referring our close friends!”

— Angelique & Elmer


“This approach to couples counseling where science and common sense combines is what makes this program valuable. It often felt like Dr. Glen was a psychic when it came to our past wounds and what our healthy selves want in a great relationship. Thank you for the great insight and guidance!”

— Cosmo and Julia


“I have been to many therapists over the years, and I can say that working with Dr. Glen has been nothing that I have ever experienced before. This 12 Week program is amazing! The knowledge I have attained in weeks has already set the course for what I am going to do with my life moving forward. Life changing!”

— Shelly

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