The TWR Institute combines academics with real-world research to help you create better relationships in weeks, not years. Our podcast is where we can share our research, offer tips/guidance, and interview peer experts.

In short, TWR is a relationship podcast that’s actually worth your time.

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Our Story

Dr. Glen Hong
Doctor/Professor of Psychology

My name is Doctor Glen, I’m a Doctor of Psychology, author, and Program Director for Whittier College. Twenty years and over 1,000 clients give me the credentials to simply say, let’s cut the bullshit.

Despite my knowledge and experience, I had no clue what to do when my own life and marriage were on the brink. Kind of odd considering my background right?

In going through my own challenges, I began to see how traditional therapy is symptom-focused. Sessions help clients to vent or learn better communication tools, but they don’t usually address the underlying trauma where our problems are rooted. 

What we needed was a bottom-up approach to relationship therapy, so I wrote it in a book called “Upside Down.” It’s not only helped me to treat countless patients, but it also set me on a path to find better methods of therapy. Something I would find when I met my future business partner Pye.

Pye Jirsa
Educator and Photographer

This is where I introduce myself. Hi everyone, my name is Pye!

For over a decade, I’ve been photographing weddings and families, all while creating online education that has helped millions of creative professionals around the world. 

But, you can Google that stuff. What’s not on Google is that while teaching millions of people about photography and business, my own marriage was crumbling behind the scenes. Across a span of nearly 15 years, I had spent a fortune on therapy and marital counseling, yet none of it helped. But in 2015 I asked my last counselor a question that would change my life, “Please, can you just tell me, what does a healthy relationship look like?”

In a calm voice he said, “Pye, you’ve read all the books I have. I’m not sure how to help you fix your marriage.”

At first, I was crushed. But during my drive home I thought about the fact that I’ve spent over 20 years educating and making complex subjects simple. I also realized that as a wedding photographer, I have a real-world laboratory that psychologists can only dream of. For the first time, I saw that I might just have everything I need to answer this question on my own. 

Five years and hundreds of case studies later, I had a complete framework and an unreleased book tentatively called “Stupid-Simple Relationships,” a roadmap that answers that simple question, “what does a healthy relationship look like?”

In early 2021, a mutual friend introduced me to Doctor Glen.

We met and hung out for the first time watching a UFC fight at my house. That evening, Glen and I learned we were working on projects that seemed to share similar goals. Glen walked away with my book and I walked away with his.

Three days later Glen called me and said, “Pye, this book is going to change people’s lives and our approach to therapy.” I thought he was just being nice, but months later we had combined our research and data to create a completely new approach to relationship therapy. We took the therapy model into clinical trials and the results quickly spoke for themselves.

In late 2021, Core Value Focused Therapy was born and we launched TWR as a platform and service.