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We offer relationship coaching solutions that are both PROVEN and GUARANTEED to help you improve the quality of your relationships in weeks, not years! 

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coming soon! free 1-hour lecture

5 ways we
hurt our relationships

Register below to join us live for an interactive lecture as we discuss five ways we often harm our relationships without ever knowing it (along with the solutions). Once we’ve planned the lecture date and details, we’ll email you with more information. 


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Offers under $50

Guided mini-programs that aren’t going to break the bank, but they will most definitely help you to improve the quality of your relationships! 



A PROVEN 12-day guided program to help couples reconnect and heal from resentments before the damage is beyond repair. 

for clients who need the

time, space, and privacy to process deeper issues...

we'd love you to

work with us one-on-one

My name is Dr. Glen. I’m a professor and doctor of psychology with over 20 years of experience in clinical therapy. I handle the training and development of TWR’s approach to coaching which we call, Core Value Focused Therapy™. 

Whether you’re meeting with myself, Pye, or one of our certified coaches like Stacey; Our goal and guarantee is to give you an incredible experience that cuts straight to the heart of  your relationship goals!

jason and cristen

"we are proof that this works!"

“We would not be where we are today without TWR. Three months ago, if you had told me that this was where we would be after 12 weeks I would have been cautiously optimistic at best. I know that we are the ones who have to do the work but the guidance and support we’ve gotten throughout the last three months was instrumental in getting us to this point. I can’t thank you, Dr. Glen, and all of our group members enough.”

for those that are

ready to invest in what matters most...


Crystal clarity

What does a healthy relationship look like? 

In just weeks, you’ll gain clarity on exactly HOW to improve your marriage/partnership. In fact, this experience will help you improve EVERY relationship that you value and care about. 

This membership includes our signature Crystal Clarity program along with a guided coaching experience. All of which is aimed to answer your most pressing questions in order to achieve your relationship goals. 



“I can say hands down, when it comes to relationships and knowing yourself, 12-Week Relationships is the best product out there! This is a game changer! During my journey with Dr. Glen, I became more educated in terms of my clinical knowledge, all the while working through and having major breakthroughs and realizations. Sign me up for the Certification Program because I want to be a part of this!”

mario and melissa (realtors)

"learned more in 12 weeks than years spent in therapy!"

“We have learned more in 12 weeks than the years that we have spent in therapy! At this point, we know the core issues of our relationships and we have the roadmap to make it better. Thank you Dr. Glen and 12 Weeks! This has been eye opening and amazing!”

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