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you could be part of the 98% finding clarity in their relationships

What’s the secret to creating a more inspired life filled with meaningful relationships?  
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Program Details

The Crystal Clarity Intensive

A 12-Week Online Group Coaching Experience

Enrollment:  January 12th, 2023 to March 30, 2023 | Thursdays @ 5PM PST /8PM EST


You’re here because you’re frustrated with a painful relationship.

But the question is, which one?

Maybe you’re unfulfilled in your current relationship but you genuinely want it to return to a healthy state…

Perhaps you’re stuck and confused, asking yourself, “Can I even save my relationship?”

Or maybe you’re single, and you’ve already had success in your career…

Yet you still just can’t figure out why you’re failing in your personal life.

You want answers, and rightfully so.

You want to learn and understand what a healthy relationship looks like…

You’re wondering what parts of your behavior (if any) stem from trauma and what can you do to resolve it…

And on top of all that, you’re still trying to understand your Core Values… but you’re not even sure what you should be looking for.

It’s confusing and frustrating. And it can make you feel stuck and lost.

It might even feel like your gut-wrenching situation is hopeless.

Adding to everything, you’re probably still working on the relationship you have with yourself… Which on its own can be a seriously difficult task.

And look, that’s okay… you’re not alone.

We understand how it feels.

We’re all trying to better understand ourselves. We all want to know how our past experiences, and trauma shapes our current behaviors and values. We want answers to the patterns we see throughout our relationships.

And here’s the thing, your relationship problems are unique to you.

This means your objective for coaching is unique to you as well…

If it does, then you already know how impossible it can seem to create a career you love and actually have some balance.


Wait, who will be leading


Dr. Glen & Pye


If we were a drink, we’d be one part academics and one part real-world education served neat.
Why neat? Haha, so glad you asked. We’re not fans of hard drinks, but we are huge fans of simplicity.

The result? Coaching and therapy that actually works!

Look. Real Talk.

Your Answers Start Here...

Don't stress, this isn't counseling or "talking about your feelings"

No joke, the average couple seeking counseling will spend 5 years and $45,000+ on a service that fails 80% of its clients.
“Life/relationship advice, eww! Most therapists and coaches I knew spew fluff advice that sounds like a bad cliché”.
But maybe you don’t want to always “talk about your feelings” in your relationships.
“But how does your process resolve issues that have been going on for years?”
What about privacy? How is the group format beneficial when it comes to coaching?
“But Pye and Doctor Glen, I feel like I’m the exception. This isn’t going to work for me.”
“If there was one thing that you could tell me to convince me of this program’s effectiveness, what would it be?”

It's no exaggeration to say that a good portion - if not the majority - of the meaning and success in our lives stems from our relationships.

Yet, none of us were handed a manual. So we made one.

Imagine if you knew...

Your life and relationships will be forever improved

What if you could achieve all of this in weeks, not years! No this isn’t fiction or fancy marketing hype, this is literally the real-world results TWR clients experience each day.

Program Details

The Crystal Clarity Intensive

A 12-Week Online Group Coaching Experience

Enrollment:  January 12th, 2023 to March 30, 2023 | Thursdays @ 5PM PST /8PM EST

Here's What's Inside:

You're going to love the program!



Each week, our live session will begin with a 30 to 45-minute lecture module on that week’s topic. After each lesson, we’ll workshop that week’s concepts in your downloadable workbook, as well as provide time for group questions and personalized coaching. 



Each week, we provide a downloadable workbook that helps you personalize each concept. You can think of each workbook as its own self-contained workshop. Its purpose is to help you personalize, practice, and master the material. 



Once enrolled, we’ll grant you lifetime access to the TWR Alumni Group on Facebook. This is one of your most valuable resources, peers who have graduated from TWR. Not only is it a place to learn from other graduates, but also to create supportive friendships with your peers. 



As members of the TWR Alumni Group, you will have lifetime access to Office Hours with TWR Coaches. Your journey won’t stop after the program, and our TWR Alumni Group is our best way to provide ongoing support.



In case you miss a session or two, or you just want a refresher, you will have lifetime access to all of the course recordings and downloadable workbooks. 



Each cohort has a limited number of seats. For October, there are only 20 spots available. We want to make sure everyone gets plenty of 1:1 attention during each session and throughout your journey. 

Program syllabus

A Week-by-Week Breakdown of the 12-Week Crystal Clarity Intensive

Our 12-week programs take a layered approach where each step prepares and builds a foundation for the next.

Still not sure? How about a guarantee?

From experience, we know that CVFT™ works and we promise that you CAN do this. So here it is: 

You’re responsible to commit to the program, to show up for all twelve weekly sessions, and to complete each weekly workbook.

At that point, it’s on us. After completing the program in its entirety, if you still feel like we didn’t deliver on our promise, we’ll give you a full refund. 


We know this is a big decision. It’s not a small amount of money, and it’s definitely going to take a bit of your time and energy. 

But we also know our track record. The fact that TWR programs deliver 10x more value than their cost, all while maintaining a 98% success rate among clients.

We only ask for one thing. 

Commit to the process

Show up. Do the work. 

If you do, we can make you a simple guarantee.

You’ll walk away from the program with crystal clarity on how to live a more meaningful life filled with healthy relationships. 



"The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off."

I love this quote from Gloria Steinem. It makes me laugh despite knowing it’s filled with truth. 

Here’s the truth. I know that no matter where you are in your life/relationships, things can and will get better. But I also know that in many cases, including my own, “better” generally lies on the other side of owning what’s difficult right now.

We know that Core Value Focused Therapy will help you improve your life and relationships. But Doctor Glen and I also know that it’s not easy and at times it might just piss you off a little.

It’s OK. Own it!

This journey will get you where you want to go and don’t worry,
we’ll be there to guide you through each step.

Sincerely, Pye + Doctor Glen

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Important Details + Q&A:

This program is for you if you want to:

-Take ownership over living an authentic and meaningful life
-Connect more meaningfully with your partner
-Improve all of your relationships (romantic and platonic)
-Understand the values and beliefs driving you
-Learn how healthy relationships should function
-Work through past issues and self-limiting beliefs
-Know for yourself if your marriage can or should be saved

This program is not for you if you’re not ready to take ownership, or simply looking for someone to listen and validate your behavior.

For that, we’d suggest finding a traditional psychotherapist in your area.

Please also note (as also mentioned in the next two FAQ items) this program is not for you if you’re dealing with:

-Severe physical or sexual abuse
-Extreme drug or alcohol addictions
-If you’re in such a situation, please reach out to the NDVH and local professionals.

This program is not designed to help people process deep trauma from severe physical and sexual abuse. 

If you’re in such a situation, please reach out to the NDVH and local professionals.

Like severe cases of physical and sexual abuse, those that are dealing with extreme drug and alcohol addictions need one-on-one support. This program is not meant for addiction recovery. 

Those in this position will be better off working with local professionals and enrolling in multi-step recovery programs. 

0.5 out of 100. 

Out of 100 people, nobody has come through the program and said it didn’t work. Not saying that it can’t happen, we’re just saying that it’s unlikely. 

In 100 clients, we had one person that dropped out of the program (mentioned above and is the reason for our 99% success rate). They exited because they saw that CVFT™ works, but they simply were not ready to make the necessary changes in their life.

We offered a partial refund for her remaining sessions.