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We help incredible people like you create and maintain fulfilling relationships. Our philosophy, “Better relationships IN WEEKS, not years!” Crystal Clarity Online honors that philosophy. Learn more below…

when it comes to your relationships, have you ever wondered...

why do i keep repeating the same patterns?

in short... You've tried it all and nothing has worked!

you're not alone, and you're right to be 🤬 frustrated

Your relationships are going to dictate the joy, success, and fulfillment you experience in life. They’re also going to DIRECTLY affect your overall health and well-being

It’s INSANE to have such a hard time finding answers in such critical area of our lives. 

this is why we created a coaching program that's...

proven to help you create & maintain meaningful relationships

In just weeks, you’ll gain clarity on your marriage/partnership. While you’re here, you’ll use the same tools and insights to improve EVERY important relationship in your life! 

Oh, and don’t worry, this isn’t marketing hype. It’s a research-backed coaching program that has a 99% satisfaction rate. Unlike counseling or therapy, our coaching programs are both PROVEN and GUARANTEED

it's time to pull back the curtain...

are you ready for some
🤯 insane truths?

Studies show that traditional counseling and relationship therapy fail 85% of the clients it serves in creating lasting improvement in their relationships! 

These statistics are based on research from various studies including Roesler 2020, Carrol et al 2021, Pentel and Baucom 2021, and more!

📚 Citing all the studies here isn’t important, here’s what is …

🤬 You’re absolutely right to be angry and frustrated with the entire process of relationship therapy.  

Because the average couple seeking counseling will spend around FIVE YEARS and $45,000 on a service that succeeds ONLY 15% of the time! 

🍔 You and I wouldn’t spend $10 on a 1-star meal, yet we’re wasting years and tens of thousands of dollars on relationship counseling/therapy that FAILS MOST of the clients it serves!

In most cases, our relationship efforts fail because we tend to focus on the most visible symptoms, rather than resolving the root of each problem. 

This happens whether you’re working with a relationship professional, or just trying to resolve issues on your own. 

— We work on HOW we communicate, instead of looking to the source of the misunderstanding.

— We improve how we argue and fight, but we don’t address WHY we see each see the problem differently. 

While this symptomatic approach can result in feeling better temporarily, it never actually resolves the underlying issue.

🔎 You’re right to be looking for answers, and you’re absolutely right to be frustrated by the process of trying to do so. 

So were we…

In fact, it’s why we developed a relationship coaching program that’s rooted in evidence-based science. 

for just a moment...

imagine being able to...

here's how you'll do it...

crystal clarity online

Your PROVEN roadmap to healthy and fulfilling relationships. Keep reading to learn what’s included in the program and within your membership.

Module 1

the journey ahead

This is where your journey begins. In Module One, we’re going to walk you through everything the program has to offer and get you familiarized with the process of coaching.

Module 2

The Nature of Healthy Relationships

Module Two is about learning our relationship framework in detail. Before you can create healthy relationships, you need to first understand the moving components of a relationship. By the end of this module you’ll be able to answer the question, “what does a healthy relationship look like?”

Module 3


Attachment wounds look like arguments, conflict, and communication problems. But in reality, they go far deeper. In Module Three, we’re going to help you identify and process your attachment wounds so you stop them from negatively impacting your relationships.

Module 4

Trauma Communication

Module Four is about understanding the purpose of trauma (yes there is a purpose), and how to regulate and even heal your triggers. Behavior can be motivated by pain or values, this module wraps up your understanding of how your past experiences are affecting you today.

Module 5

Core Value Mapping

Core Values represent who you are and what you’re aspiring to become. Not only do our Core Values impact every component of our relationships, but clinically we find that most clients don’t have a clear picture of what we ACTUALLY value! We can’t create relationships that we value when we don’t have a clear picture of those values.

Module 6

Putting it All Together

Module Six is about taking everything you’ve learned and giving you a complete roadmap to relationship repair. This is where you’ll learn how your Core Values impact every aspect of your relationships, and exactly what you need to do when things aren’t in alignment.

words from our members...


“I can say hands down, when it comes to relationships and knowing yourself, 12-Week Relationships is the best product out there! This is a game changer! During my journey with Dr. Glen, I became more educated in terms of my clinical knowledge, all the while working through and having major breakthroughs and realizations. Sign me up for the Certification Program because I want to be a part of this!”


but wait there's... no we're not going to say it (but there is more 🤣)

membership Bonuses (Value $3,000+)

Enroll today and you’ll get THREE additional membership bonuses! These are program features that in and of themselves are more than worth the price of admission. 

$1997 value

12 months of weekly group coaching

Join Dr. Glen and Pye for live weekly sessions to discuss what matters most to you. More details below. 

$597 value

module x: emergency tools & worbook

Lessons and Workbook tools to help you process triggers and move past difficult relationship moments. 

$597 value

lifetime community membership

The perfect place to ask questions between sessions, as well as stay in touch with your TWR friends!

➞ weekly group
coaching details

As soon as you join the program you’ll be granted 12 months of access to our weekly group coaching sessions. 

Group coaching is one of the best ways to accelerate your growth and healing. But why is that? 

First, within the group you’ll receive support from peers who are going (or have gone) through similar challenges. 

Second, it’s through the group that you can see how the same lessons are applied to different aspects of each person’s journey. While you might be applying everything you learn to your marriage, someone else is using the same material to create healthier friendships and family relationships.

🕔 session times

1st and 3rd Tuesday’s are at 5pm PT / 8pm ET
2nd and 4th Tuesday’s are at 9am PT / 12pm ET

your experience is guaranteed

We know it's impossible to make an informed decision from the outside...

To make an informed decision, you need to be member. You need an opportunity to jump into the lessons and start doing the work. You need time to join our weekly coaching sessions, and to engage with the community. This is why we offer a money-back guarantee. 

Our guarantee is there to give you time to make your purchase decision. Our programs have a 99% satisfaction rate and we’ve seen how they change people’s lives first hand. We’re offering this guarantee to make investing in yourself a “no-brainer.” Today, all you’re deciding to do is…

Commit to the process. Show up to the sessions. Do the work. 

You hold up your side of the bargain. If you finish the program and say, “this wasn’t worth it” then we’ll hold up our side and give you your money back. 

better relationships, for the price of your daily coffee...

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Meet your coaches

my name is pye!

I’m a coach and educator. I’ve made a career of making complex subjects easy to learn. I co-founded one of the most successful wedding photography studios in the world. From there, I created education that has taught millions of other people how to do the same. 

So why relationships?

Because while I was succeeding in my career, I was failing at home. For fourteen years I was meeting with one therapist/counselor after the next and reading every relationship book I could find. And guess what? 

My marriage still failed. 

I researched and created the relationship framework that became the foundation of TWR and Crystal Clarity Online because it represents the solution to the greatest pain I’ve ever felt. My goal was to answer a simple yet fundamental question when it comes to the human experience… 

What does a healthy relationship even look like? 

Meet your coaches

hi! I'm dr. glen

I’m a Doctor of Psychology and Professor/Department Chair at Whittier College. In addition to being an author, I also have over 20 years of clinical therapy and social work experience.

A few years back I faced a fork in the road. It was a time where my health and marriage were on the brink, and yet despite my experience in clinical psychology, I struggled to find my own answers. Eventually, I left the field of social work to work on my marriage and pursue a more holistic approach to therapy. 

When Pye handed me his relationship framework, I knew we had the missing pieces to each other’s puzzles. 

We teamed up, and I helped turn Pye’s framework into a complete model of therapy that we call Core Value Focused Therapy or CVFT which is the foundation of your Crystal Clarity experience!  

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You Asked, We Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Therapy and coaching each have their distinct purposes. Let’s talk about where therapy and coaching each shine.  

Therapy shines in the individual environment. It’s a wonderful space to process thoughts, emotions, and experiences. It’s especially effective when someone is struggling with their mental and emotional health. In fact, in these instances, we’d say that qualified psychotherapy is the right treatment when someone’s looking to get back to a place of functional health. 

However, moving from functional health to “thriving” often requires far more effort and guidance. Therapy isn’t designed to “push” you beyond functional health to that place where you’re growing and thriving. It’s designed to help you maintain. 

In addition, relationship therapy and counseling tend to be the areas of psychotherapy that FAIL more often than they succeed (approx 85% failure rate). This is for a number of reasons which you can read more about in this article. 

This is where coaching, and specifically TWR coaching shines. 

When you’re in a space of functional health, the coaching process is designed to gently push you further to a place where you’re consistently thriving. On top of that, TWR Coaching follows a framework for relationship science that delivers a consistent and uniform experience. 

For most of you, coaching will be the right choice. 


We’ve had a number of clients write us and say something like…

“I’ve done (therapy/counseling/coaching) before, it didn’t work for me. How do I know that this will?” 

In every instance, you know what’s happened? Our program worked for them.

In fact, every single person that’s written an email like this to us before they joined the program, left writing a rave review after.

Yes, it will work. 

If it doesn’t, you have our guarantee to fall back on. 

Commit. Show up. Do the work. We guarantee you’ll love your experience. 

Yes! The program was designed to be completed on an individual level first. In fact, most of our members actually start by attending the program solo. 

Some of our members are single, and looking to create healthier relationships as they enter the dating pool. 

Some of our members attend solo, then bring their spouse/partner into the program after. 

Some of our members are in the program just to learn how to create healthier relationships across the board. 

In any instance, healthier relationships START WITH YOU!

In many cases, we can improve every relationship in our life without even talking about those relationships. We can improve your relationships by doing your own internal work! 

So yes, attending alone is wonderful, and wonderfully beneficial. 

Absolutely! In fact, many of the exercises within the Crystal Clarity Online Workbook are perfect to be completed as a couple. 

The Crystal Clarity Self-Study Workshop contains around 40+ lessons. 

The last thing we wanted was for the workshop to be so long that it was difficult to complete. For that reason, lessons are concise and broken into bite-sized chunks that are easy to digest in 15-30 minute intervals.  

While you can binge-watch the entire library over a weekend, we designed the program to be something you can learn and process with about a 1-hour commitment each week over a 12-week period. 

Weekly group coaching sessions are currently handled by Dr. Glen or Pye.

Down the road, we may also bring in other coaches/therapists that are certified in CVFT™ (our approach to relationship science).  

For some of you, the Self-Study Program and Workbook are going to be everything you need. 

But we’ve designed the group coaching experience to complement your journey through the Self-Study Workshop. So what happens if you can’t attend a session? 

Missing sessions here and there is no big deal. In fact, depending on when you join you might want to skip some of the sessions that are covering topics that you haven’t yet reached. 

However, if you can’t attend the group coaching sessions due to your schedule or time zone, you still have the Alumni Group available to ask questions 24/7. 

Yes, there is a Workbook Journal for each Module within the Crystal Clarity Workshop. 

Including Module X, there are 7 Modules along with their accompanying Workbook Journals. 

Each Workbook Journal is a high resolution printable PDF file. You can edit and work with the Workbook digitally (through any PDF editor) or you can print the Workbook Journal and work on it manually. 

In our history, we’ve only had ONE client ask for a refund. In fact, it was actually our first client. 

We learned an interesting lesson from that failure. 

We failed to explain to the client the difference between coaching versus therapy. About halfway through the program she said, “I can see that this process works, but I’m not ready to do this. My husband doesn’t even know that I’m here or that I’m spending money on this.”

She was expecting therapy. A place to share her thoughts, feelings, and emotions. 

While we do some of that, the coaching experience is quite a bit more. It’s a space and environment where we’re going to ask you to put in the work as we gently push you toward your goals. 

She wasn’t ready for the coaching environment, so we refunded her membership. 

After that experience, we began explaining the difference between coaching vs therapy to all prospective clients. Since that experience, we haven’t had a single person withdraw or ask for a refund. 

Commit to the process. Do the work. We’ll not only be there alongside you every step of the way, but we’ll also guarantee incredible results! 

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