Kind Words from Our clients

Here are just some of the testimonials of the people we’ve worked with.  They’re our 12 Week Relationships Alumni.

"Real, honest, and breathtaking"

These were the most real, honest, and breathtaking sessions that we have ever experienced. There was no problem that was not addressed, and the structure and guidance led us to real solutions

— Maria and Kevin (Pharmacists)

"...made me take accountability"

Dr. Glen is the realest motherfu**er that I have ever worked with in my life! He made me take accountability for what I bring to relationships, and always pushed me and guided me towards being a healthier version of me

— john (Dentist)

"...different from conventional therapy"

I have easily spent over $100,000 on counseling. I have been in therapy for over 40 years off and on, mostly on for most of those years. If I would have found Dr. Glen years ago my life would have been so much better and my emotional struggles would have been short-circuited!  What he does is so different from conventional therapy it is so refreshing and soul-satisfying to have found a therapist who is down to earth, easy to talk to, and one who is on the cutting edge of science ( but he makes it simple to understand). This TWR program has immensely changed my life and has set me free from the chains of depression. I am still learning, but for the first time in my life, I am on the path to living and not just surviving.

— donald (Real Estate Developer & Medical Doctor)

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"In a matter of weeks.."

I love the structure and the direct intention of the relationship program. As a physician myself, I call Dr. Glen a “relationship surgeon” because he dissects, opens, and operates on the core problems of relationships. In a matter of weeks, Dr. Glen has cut directly to issues that years of therapy couldn’t tease out. Easily worth the investment!

— joe (surgeon)

"...been life-changing"

“This 12-week program has been life-changing and we have told all of our friends and family about it. After feeling so distant in our marriage for years, we have never felt closer together than how we do now.

— david & Sarah