Improve Your Relationship
IN WEEKS, Not Years!

Relationship Coaching that Actually Works!
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Improve Your Relationship
IN WEEKS, Not Years!

Relationship Coaching that Actually Works!
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Stop wasting time/money on therapy that doesn't work, become the expert of your own relationship!

Learn how to meaningfully connect to improve physical and emotional intimacy.

Create a more happy and fulfilling life with a relationship built on shared Core Values.


Because the average couple seeking relationship coaching will spend on average...
5 Years
in counseling
in counseling fees

What's worse? At best, they'll have a 25% chance of improvement...

If you’re like us, you’d be unlikely to drop $20 on on one meal at a 1-star restaurant, let alone thousands on the same restaurant over years. 

Yet this is exactly what we’re doing when it comes to traditional counseling. The average couple wastes years of their life while spending tens of thousands of dollars on a service that conservatively fails 3 out of 4 couples!

We founded the TWR Institute with a radical idea

What if science and real-world research could help us develop a practical model of therapy for better relationships in weeks rather than years?

After five years and five hundred case studies, we made good on that idea and Core Value Focused Therapy™️ was born.


Unlike traditional counseling, CVFTstarts at the roots of your relationship with a what we call a “Core Value Roadmap.”

It’s a radically different approach to couple’s therapy that addresses the values and trauma behind our patterns. In the process, it also defines the relationship as well as individual areas of accountability. 

Once the Core Value Roadmap is created, our program moves forward to equip couple’s with the tools to understand and resolve everyday conflict and problems.

Counseling doesn't work

Research shows that 70-80% of couples report no positive long-term changes after 2 years of traditional counseling and relationship therapy. Here’s why…

Counseling fails because...

It is symptom-focused. We might learn how to better communicate and argue, but any relief is short-term because the root problem is never addressed.


Core Value Focused Therapy™ is a revolutionary new approach to relationship coaching.

With their Core Value Roadmap in hand, we walk our clients through what we call the Stupid-Simple Relationship Method or SSRM. You can think of it like a practical handbook on what healthy relationships look like. 

The end result is living a life filled with relationships by design. 

The SSRM takes the guess work out of understanding all of your important relationships. From close friends, to family, to your spouse, it provides you with tools necessary to create fulfilling relationships across the board.