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This program is for you if you want to:

-Take ownership over living an authentic and meaningful life
-Connect more meaningfully with your partner
-Improve all of your relationships (romantic and platonic)
-Understand the values and beliefs driving you
-Learn how healthy relationships should function
-Work through past issues and self-limiting beliefs
-Know for yourself if your marriage can or should be saved

This program is not for you if you’re not ready to take ownership, or simply looking for someone to listen and validate your behavior.

For that, we’d suggest finding a traditional psychotherapist in your area.

Please also note (as also mentioned in the next two FAQ items) this program is not for you if you’re dealing with:

-Severe physical or sexual abuse
-Extreme drug or alcohol addictions
-If you’re in such a situation, please reach out to the NDVH and local professionals.

This program is not designed to help people process deep trauma from severe physical and sexual abuse. 

If you’re in such a situation, please reach out to the NDVH and local professionals.

Like severe cases of physical and sexual abuse, those that are dealing with extreme drug and alcohol addictions need one-on-one support. This program is not meant for addiction recovery. 

Those in this position will be better off working with local professionals and enrolling in multi-step recovery programs. 


Nobody has come through the program, put in the work, and failed. Not saying that it can’t happen, we’re just saying that it’s unlikely. 

The one person that dropped out (mentioned above and is the reason for our 98% success rate) agreed that CVFT™ works, but was simply not ready to make the necessary changes in her life. Knowing it wasn’t the program, she didn’t want a full refund.