It's not counseling, this is...

relationship coaching with a 98% success/satisfaction rate

We offer an evidence-based approach to relationship coaching that’s PROVEN to help people create better relationships, period. It’s no exaggeration to say that a good portion – if not the majority – of the meaning and success in our lives stems from our relationships.

Yet, none of us were handed a manual. So we made one.

We designed a program to help you create better relationships in weeks, not years. It’s not a gimmick, it’s our promise! 

Learn more about our program formats below..

select your ideal 12-week coaching format

No matter the format, you're going to love our programs!


Online Group Coaching

Twelve modules with accompanying workbooks covered over 12 weeks. Each week, we meet as a group for a 90 minute live session. Live sessions are 90 minutes in duration. During the lecture portion (45 minutes) we discuss that week’s concepts along with the workbook. During the open coaching portion (45 minutes) we answer questions and offer personalized coaching to issues members are currently facing. 

Online Group Coaching is ideal for people who want an accelerated learning process along with a built-in community for ongoing support. 


one-on-one coaching

Just like Online Group Coaching, the One-on-One Coaching is a 12-week program that incorporates twelve modules and workbooks. Rather than being in a group, you’ll be meeting with Doctor Glen individually or as a couple. Sessions can be held online or in-person at our offices in Tustin, California. Each weekly session is an hour in length and fully tailored to your specific relationship needs and pace. 

One-on-One Coaching is ideal for people who need extra time and attention in order to process deeply rooted trauma, infidelity, and unhealthy relationship dynamics. 

not sure? we get it. how about a guarantee?

All of our 12-Week Programs incorporate Core Value Focused Therapy (CVFT™). From experience, we know that CVFT™ works plain and simple! So here’s our promise: 

You’re responsible to commit to the program by showing up for all twelve weekly sessions, and completing each weekly workbook.

After that, it’s on us. 

Complete the 12-week program. If you still feel like we didn’t deliver on our promise, we’ll give you a full refund. We know this program will work for you, and this is our way of showing it! 

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